Excel VBA Word mailmerge – Word object not closing immediately

I don’t feel I had this actions just before the most up to date launch of Office 365.

Now you can utilize this file in mail combine customarily. Everytime new type is actually provided, data is actually improved so you constantly get genuine data, same outcome as using inquiry directly.

I only received available Word document character template along with popup home windows asking for guideline values. I do not see these queries qith params in listing of offered tables and queries in Word using witch for mail merge.

The outcome is that Excel remains to behave like it is actually executing the “Sub” till after the “winword” process finally goes away. At that point Excel is launched and also I may socialize using it (in this particular case an individual kind).

Guidebook to the DoCmd.OutputTo.

Concern is: it is certainly not a simple table, yet a concern along with several guidelines, thus how I can pass the result of this particular concern when customer load the application in Accessibility and hit submit – open Word well prepared documents along with mail merge?

It shows up that unless these are actually cleared (ie: Set oRange = Nothing at all), some kind of link hangs around between Excel and also Word that secures up Excel coming from moving on. It seems it possessed absolutely nothing to do along with finalizing the instance of Word, however somewhat removing any kind of objects used in the merge thus Excel could possibly relocate on.

I possess a succeed VBA job that conducts a “Word” mailmerge. I think I am opening as well as closing the Word doc and application adequately, but the “winword” method remains open for a really good forty five secs after my code is ended up implementing.

I entirely acknowledge that it is certainly not the absolute most efficient way to acquire the project carried out. I carried out create the choice certainly not to utilize a layout within this scenario as I preferred it to become as self-contained as feasible and not possess to depend on pre-configured layout data. It is actually all a knowing method though and my upcoming model are going to likely be actually a little bit of far better. Consistently seeking good resources.:-RRB-.

One would must inquire why you possess all the code that performs the basic document development as opposed to just utilizing a template along with all the demanded boilerplate web content, including the mergefield in-situ? Your present procedure is quite inefficient, specifically along with its excessive usage of Collection. Relying on the variety of files to become merged, it can take Word some time to complete its own handling after your ‘oDoc.MailMerge.Execute’ declaration.

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