How do you display code snippets in MS Word preserving format and syntax highlighting?

Mount the plan gotten in touch with SublimeHighlight.

I know that there are much better editors/formats that possess no problem managing this yet I am adhered working with MS word.

I’m using Easy Code Formatter. It’s additionally an Office add-in. It permits you to decide on the coding design/ and also possesses a fast formatting button.

Take note that every one of the content buildings coming from your Code Editor’s motif (colors, fonts, and so on) will definitely be actually added to the Stylesheet in your Word doc, so I would certainly highly recommend that you certainly not produce any sort of adjustments straight to the pasted text message as that will add mess to your stylesheet and subsequent mixes will certainly not match. It will definitely be actually to your wonderful perk to do a quick research on making use of ‘Types’ in Word (which are in fact CSS). They are actually very highly effective. Using Word’s Stylesheet you can easily create global adjustments to the mixed message, however it will perhaps result in subsequent pasted content to add brand-new styles

If you are making use of Sublime Text, you can duplicate the code from Sublime to MS Word keeping the syntax highlighting.

The greatest technique is relying on your requirements. If the code is longer than one page go along with RTF Format.

Performs anybody recognize a method to display code in Microsoft Word documents that maintains color as well as formatting? Preferably, the procedure would certainly also be actually inconspicuous and quick and easy to update.

Note pad++ has actually a plugin contacted “NppExport” (happens pre-installed) that permits you to replicate to RTF, HTML and ALL. It allows lots of foreign languages, whereas the aforementioned IDEs are actually restricted to a handful each (without other plug-ins).

Merely duplicate the created code as well as mix it in your word editing and enhancing program. Up until now I have actually tried it on MS Word as well as WPS Article writer, functions actually properly. Does not play good with Firefox but operates just great on Chrome (and IE as well, yet that wishes to make use of that).

I have attempted to consist of code as normal text which appears awful and gets in the means when modifying routine message. I have actually likewise attempted putting items, a WordPad document as well as Text Box, in to the document after that putting the code inside those things.

In the event that you’re like me as well as are actually also careless or even in a hurry as well as do not wish to install extra software application, you can easily use It’s extremely straight forward and also sustains many highlight themes as well as numerous computer programming foreign languages.

Code Format Addin is today on call in Office Addins with Office 365! Only click as well as decide on the code convert it and it turns the code message to formatted colour code along with line numbers! Code Style is actually readily available below:

There is a nice Online Tool for that:

In Sublime, using your cursor, choose the code you would like to replicate, ideal click it, choose ‘copy as rtf’, as well as mix in to MS Word.

Some of the major perks is actually that, unlike the Code Layout Add-In for Word, it performs NOT tinker your code, and also appreciates various languages syntax. I made an effort many other choices used in various other answer yet I discovered this one to be the best efficient (actually reliable as well as simple).

I presently possessed Note pad++ for various other code tasks, yet never thought of using it. Blended with a Word design that added a light blue background, boundary, and also disabled spell check, it looks good, as well as is actually fairly swift for an amount of documents, in contrast to strategies involving data exports as well as bring ins. I desire there was a technique to include it as an industry that will immediately check out the documents for updates, and also maintain the most current resource code in the Word data.

Strength possesses a cool feature that changes code to HTML layout protecting syntax highlighting, font design, history different colors and also pipes varieties. Operate: TOhtml and vim generates a new barrier having html markup.

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