How to use C# for converting PDF to Image

I have put up exe yet when I tried to incorporate endorsement to my web app I am actually receiving this mistake.

GhostScript is largely file located, so the input is actually path to a data on disk as well as the result is actually the creation of files on disk. The parameters used to contact either the dll or exe are essentially the exact same, so there is actually not a massive perk to calling the dll straight, however carries out create better code.

Ghostscript is all unmanaged code and that you have to perform the clean-up your own self after making use of the library.

Why do you make an effort to add the collection as referral to your job? gsdll32.dll is actually an indigenous dll, certainly not a Dot-Net library.

you may indicate the output image’s element ratio in the disagreement along with the -r banner. If you utilize “-r300” the distance of the picture will be actually 3000 pixel and also elevation are going to transform appropriately, coming from the above disagreement you will get 1024 to 768 dimension jpg image.

Edit: What Robert stated is crucial, also. Of course, you need to use the right model of the Ghostscript collection.

I possess C# cover that can easily be made use of to refer to as the ghostscript dll, if you email me (handle on profile page) I will definitely sent it to you.

I would like to convert in C# a PDF documents to .jpg’s file. It must be actually one pdf page in one jpg data. Can anyone describe me just how to do it?

When I build the sample project making use of Graphic C# Express 2010 I receive an exe file. If I perform it tries to access the gsdll32.dll. The concern is actually since on a 64bit body a 64bit executable is generated however the gsdll32.dll is organized for 32bit.

I found that C# has the ability to convert PDF to image style.

The gsdll32.dll file is actually certainly not a managed.NET collection. You must go through the Ghostscript API doctors and this post on PInvoke .net on how to reference the Ghostscript functions.

If you don’t intend to mess with Ghostscript API and need a fast functioning solution you could possibly use Super Pdf2Image Converter to create the graphics coming from a PDF in high settlement. It is actually on call for both 32 and also 64 bit and also is actually very cheap as well as effective. I would certainly suggest you to attempt it.

The right answer would certainly be actually to customize the source code and also switch out gsdll32.dll with gsdll64.dll just about everywhere it develops. The simpler remedy is actually to use the 64 bit model of Ghostscript, copy the gsdll64.dll in to the very same directory as the ConvertPDF.exe and also relabel it to gsdll32.dll. This most definitely functions – just assessed as well as changed a PDF to TIFF.

You can use C# to manage the GhostScript order product line or even make use of Platform Invoke (pInvoke) contacts us to name the GhostScript dll directly.

I made an effort PDF to Photo Converter however unable to understand it plainly.

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