MS-Office word add-in SSO

As you noted your own self, the information states that the add-in as well as your Internet API have to get on the same entirely trained domain. You can easily certainly not possess one at localhost:44355 and also the other at localhost:33172. This is perhaps likewise why you are not observing decision to OpenIdConnectCachingSecurityTokenProvider.

As in sample, defined OpenIdConnectCachingSecurityTokenProvider, Startup.Auth in API task

One more thing I observed that noted I run your operate project while loading add-in in word call term phone call Happens in to arrangement statrup.cs file and report as well as Likewise method But in my add-in call not telephone call in happens methods

In sample provided, in add-in when I refer to as ajax call url “/ api/values” after that its own sending back 404 i.e resource not located considering that add-in is operating on https://localhost:44355 and WebAPI on http://localhost:33172/ Is this due to domain name of add-in and webAPI job is diffrent as when I generate any kind of add-in project and also operating add-in project its run 2 application received IIS Express. In your project likewise pair of ventures managing at that point exactly how “api/values” will certainly call webAPI operator of http://localhost:33172/ and also as add-in is actually operating in an additional domain name i.e https://localhost:44355.

Even I have actually added those files in AppStart, Startup.cs and also market values controller in very same add-in venture at that point additionally its own not working. Is something I missing???

I have login switch that uses ADAL.js code, upon clicking on the login switch the Office Word add-in reroutes to ADFS login page along with message Taking you to your association’s sign-in page, after getting into the references on the ADFS page, the Wed Addin URL opens up rather on brand new internet browser window as well as does not redirect back to the Office Add-in.

yet As menitioned in the information add-in as well as API ought to perform exact same domain yet in genuine there are actually 2 projects one is actually add-in and also another is actually API venture,

Exactly How WebAPI and Add-in domain must be same As they are running on different links such ashttp:// localhost:33172/ and https://localhost:44355 respectively?? SO exactly how can be actually exact same??

I have actually followed listed below link for word add-in SSO:

The office add-in login page performs certainly not receive the information of the logon user, listed below is my code and also monitor try

feel free to submit a request (or even choose an existing one) for the styles strongly entered things in individual representation.

Every came back OOXML should return the design plan that includes that relevant information. Appears like this: (look for the style bundle

You can easily find out more regarding the discussion api listed below:

I simply begin to aware of office 365 word add-in development. I am actually trying to acquire all existing styles in a word document making use of word JavaScript API. I couldn’t find any sort of technique to do it. Can a person present me exactly how to do that making use of word JavaScript API?

There is actually no reference about styles in Word js API. I think there ought to be actually a way to adjust designs in a Word document. I also studied about the techniques incorporate styles in office open xml. Can any person inform me aren’t Microsoft help this attribute?

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